Founded on 11th Sep 2011, First Step Publishing is a Self Publishing firm believing under a core company motto of Paving Ways for New Writers. This just not being the only company motto but also our business module.

Why Choose Us


We believe in transparent working and after the discussion with the Author we seal the deal with an agreement before starting the work. This is majorly done to avoid any ambiguity of fulfillment mismatch from both us as Publishers and Authors in turn

Book is your Baby

First Step Publishing realizes the amount of work a writer puts behind while working for the book. We at First Step Publishing respect your rights and for all the books the copyright remains with the Author whereas the Author grants us Publishing Rights.

Distribution channels

We make every effort to make the book available across the globe. We have moved from being local to Global. The Distribution data is not presented by Any Publisher and we are the Pioneers in making the Publishing Industry Transparent

Social Media Marketing

A book can't be given any justice just by publishing it. It needs that efforts to help it achieve the success that it deserves.  we at FSP can help you achieve that success.

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Editing Services

Want to get published but not sure about the quality of the content. First Step Publishing will help you out in your editorial work.

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Designing Services

Its rightly said don't judge a book by its cover. But sadly its been done so. Find out how First Step Publishing can help you create beautiful cover pages.

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Why Choose us

Paving Ways for New Writers has been our Company's Tag Line since its inception as well as our  Business Motto. We provide the same platform even for First Time Writers as  that of established writers.

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Having Published over 200 writers from 7 countries First Step Publishing has a paperback distribution across 35 countries in stores like Barnes and Nobles and retails outlets like Walmart. First Step Publishing has 3 National Records and one Limca Book of Records to the list of Accolades and Achievements. 

Majority of the titles published by First Step Publishing has been in the top selling of Amazon, not only in India but also in other countries like Canada and US just naming a few.


Still Confused ...?

Contact First Step Publishing to know more about the publishing packages that it has in store for you. You are just a click away from getting published as a Global Writer

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