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A Self Publishing House based in Thane.

  • Publish your book at prices as low as INR 25,000.
  • Earn Royalties upto 90% of sales value
  • Global Distribution of Books
  • Live sales tracking through Author Dashboard (Coming Soon)

Best Publishing House in Mumbai

First Step Publishing is a leading brand in the self-publishing industry in India since 2011. We have published books of established authors, first-time authors and regional authors. We take every book as an individual project and work diligently on delicate details of the book creation, distribution and marketing process.

Founded on 11th Sep 2011, First Step Publishing is a Self Publishing firm believing under a core company motto of Paving Ways for New Writers. This just not being the only company motto but also our business module.

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Paving Ways for New Writers has been our Company's Tag Line since its inception as well as our  Business Motto. We provide the same platform even for First Time Writers as  that of established writers.

To know more about our values,  approach and management team CLICK HERE.

Having Published over 200 writers from 7 countries First Step Publishing has a paperback distribution across 35 countries in stores like Barnes and Nobles and retails outlets like Walmart. First Step Publishing has 3 National Records and one Limca Book of Records to the list of Accolades and Achievements.

Majority of the titles published by First Step Publishing has been in the top selling of Amazon, not only in India but also in other countries like Canada and US just naming a few.


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