Shilpa Dhar

Born in Srinagar, Kashmir valley Shilpa has seen the insanity of humans at a very early stage in her life. She was just three when her house was burnt down by terrorist, post which her family left the valley. She says she indeed misses her motherland a lot. This is one of the major reasons why she writes.
Shilpa has done her schooling from Dehradun and Jammu followed by perusing B-Tech in IT from Chandigarh.
She has also worked with 3 Punjabi Feature Films and done a show with Disney Channel for Kids. Writing and acting both are her food for life !!

She Quotes “When we act we are most of the time not being ourselves or doing the role what we really want to from within but when I write I am always happily doing what’s storming in me to come out and flow through my ink.”

Her family is her strength. Its the unconditional love that germinates a blossoming flower in her spreading its fragrance.

She also quotes, “I owe my whole life to Sai baba.”