Publishing Packages

Sr NoPublishing PackagesBasicSilverGoldDiamond
Amount --->>INR 30,000
INR 40,000
INR 52,000
At Actuals
1Print Run1502005001000
3Cover Design YesYesYesYes
4Internal Book LayoutYesYesYesYes
5Proof-Reading and Editing Basic Basic 2 Rounds with authorCore Editing
6Paper QualityCream 60 gsmWhite 70 gsmWhite 70 gsm White 70 gsm
7Word Count Limit 40,000 words40,000 words40,000 words50,000 words
8Availability in Indian Ecommerce Websites as paperback version YesYesYesYes
9Availability in Foreign E-Commerce Websites as paperback version NoYesYesYes
10Online Promotions NoYesYesYes
11Book Reviews 25510
12Free Author Copies 5101525
13Book Launch NoNoNoYes
14Copyright Registration NoYesYesYes
15Author Website NoNoNoYes
16E-Book ------------
17Royalty---5%of MRP8%of Mrp90% of Sale Value


  1. Basic / P.O.D: Print On Demand: If there is a order we print the book and cater the order
  1. Cover Design: Maximum 2 covers will be given to choose from. If additional covers are required the each cover will be charged at ₹ 5000 per cover.
  1. Word Count: As per the limits mentioned if the word count goes beyond it then
    1. Basic: ₹1500 / 1000 words
    2. Silver: ₹ 1300 / 1000 words
    3. Gold: ₹ 1150 / 1000 words
    4. Diamond: ₹ 1000 / 1000 words
  1. Click Here To know more about our distribution setup
  2. Book Launch: This is for Diamond Package: wherein we will arrange a space in Mumbai with audio visual and sitting arrangement in a predefined book store. This is subject to availability of dates from the store. PR charges if any has to be borne by the author.
  1. Royalty: This is for the no of copies sold and whose money we have received and not for the copies in stock. Royalty due will be on 1st April of each year.
  1. Author Website: This will be a 5 page website with contact form and purchase links of the books with domain and hosting for one year. Renew charges applicable on renewal.

Addons for Basic, Silver and Gold Packages

  1. Author Website: ₹ 5000 for one year domain and hosting with max 5 pages and one contact form.
  1. Copyright Registration: ₹ 3000. It takes 6 – 8 months for the copyright certificate to reach to the address mentioned while registration. You can see the status of it online.
  1. Book Launch: ₹10000 for arrangement of space in a bookstore / press club in Mumbai with Audio Visual system. PR charges if any has to be borne by the author.
  2.  For International Distribution in Basic Package additional cost of  ₹ 7000 will be added if required


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