Book distribution in mumbai thaneDistribution of Books is a key essential for its success.  We help writers distribute books not only in India but also internationally. We will make your book available on all leading e-commerce websites like Amazon.in, Flipkart. And our own online book store from where your readers can buy the paperback copy of your book as applicable.

First Step Publishing has one of the largest Book Distribution Services. We currently Distribute books across 34 countries and in stores like Walmart, Barnes and Nobles, Powells, Book-a-million and many more.  Our International Distribution service will ensure your book’s availability across the Amazon network in the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan, etc. Your book will be available in paperback format.

Just not Amazon Network First Step Publishing caters to over 30,000 stores and libraries across 150+ countries.

Please do note we do not have paperback distribution of books in India as its not commercially viable for both the writer and us. In case the writer wants to distribute the books at his/her ability we will provide the books to the author at Print cost +shipping. This will be over and above the package cost.

Price Rs 10,000 plus GST 

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